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wheel spindles (consider DOM tubing, but preheat for good weld)
ackermann steering - steering arm in line with center of rear axle

Rear Axle:
Many have keyways (slot) which runs down it
  (which key stock is used to turn sprockets, etc)

  • dead axle (1 wheel gets power and brake)
  • differential (1 wheel can move independently)
  • live axle (both wheels turn the same)

1" axle steel bar for rear axle
use tubing as spacers (which keeps axle from shifting left or right)

hubs (to wheels)
bearings (with locking collars/set_screws) mount axle to frame

  ...vs mounting brackets

  • 40 chain (or 41?)
  • sprockets (420 chain to match centrifugal clutch )
  • centrifugal clutch (which attaches to the motor shaft) for 420 chain 
    •      on axle itself  (for live and dead axle)
    •      on side of differential 
  • brakes with locking/split collars with set screws (to prevent any shifting left or right)
  • accurately measure the distance between each part of the axle (w/in 1/32nd of an inch)

Electric treadmill motor
hdpe steering pittman arm

Cheap metal rod for tie rods
    Tap and die the ends 
    Pipe for steering column

Pvc heated and molded steering wheel

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