8 pin DIP

Astable sample

Too Easy

 1 Ground  
 8 VCC: 5-15V
 3 Output for load 
 5 Control: often NOT used.  Just connect2gnd via small 0.01 mirco F cap (to level out supply fluctuations)

Timing cycle:
 2 Trigger......: Starts when <1/3supply, (sets pin3load_output high)
 6 Threshold..: Ends when >2/3supply,  (sets pin3load_output low) aka: cap is mostly charged
 7 Discharge_cap to gnd   ...which controls timing 

 4 Reset: restarts timing op. (active low)
must connect to supply for timer to operate. 
If momentarily grounded, the 555 timer’s operation is interrupted 
and won't start again until it's triggered again via pin 2.


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