Oracle Data Integrator

Install (download zipped jar installer)

ODI repo (stored in a db) for objects  (mappings, models, data stores….).
      created via repo creation util (RCU) or Studio
         master and work repos to manage metadata between dev/prod envs

create schema to store Master and Work Repo's:
SQL> create user odi_user identified by oracle;
grant connent,resource to odi_user

click test - got "Database validation issue was found ODI 14136 Database did not meet the requirement"
granted dba to odi_user
tried again, same error, ignored error and clicked next seemed to work

connect to master repo
  db conn user: ODI_USER


Master repos stores topology mgr & security nav info:
1. Security Info: users, profiles, access privileges
2. ODI versions and objects
3. Topology info:
technologies, (file, db, in-mem)
Data servers,
physical and logical schemas,

Work repos (attached to a master) store Designer nav info:
1. Data models: metadata, constraints, references, data lineage, etc
2. Scenarios, scheduling information and logs
2. Projects:
interfaces (mappings),
packages, procedures,
knowledge modules, etc


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